¿semantic, acupuncture or balconism?

[things that won’t slave you]


while you channel some inwards tunneling of significance and air

brushing past insipid lexicons and warrants overburdened over there predominantly unintelligible at the antipode of what should be considered as a possible therapy -not your Google historic- a place a space a world for the odyssey you deserve not a readymade 11 by 11 grid not even a diluted domesticated version of www.WHY that splashes crisped consensus screened from the regrettably non sensitive knee point of view broadcasting practices of unblinking while asserting lists of crippled bullshits which open wounds of communication -hunted for what they aren’t- expurgated through the kind of laugh questionably admitted into this unblemished society officially ready for a factory RESET back to the oh! darling, the presence of origin can not yet be assumed in this stage of tenderly woven apocalypse and telos -darling should we smuggle all the way over to bless the resistance off the hysterical anticipation of their cynicism -darling I saw you adopting the ethereal allure raging through the discretisation this underlying alphabet stabber of a possible alternormative depiction of everything -darling I saw you radical sonor incarnation at the bottom of any metaphor ready to CALCIFY a moment your mind your animated self made vernacular and evolutive -but oh, moonshiners imply albeit reluctantly laws which brings some turgid legitimacy question like the substantial PURRS of the geologic processes whose economy still indiffers their consecrated necrophilic consumerism- or if not law it recognises a willingness that may be a simple appetite for symmetry or any phantom of justice, supposed to stand partial filling the political cracks with vaseline -cracks exposed to data and denigrated states of incoherence like when our legs plummet and rubs some slice of open ludicrous sky where you decipher the future as in an oracular spit – and this real as f*ck not like their snickers calling yelling staggering a thing soon unborn -inside all the time- yelling they couldn’t keep the mix blend-aspirational SHIT- whilst they didn’t stop harvesting ASCII over-identification how hollow how sinister the echolocation of their thoughts encapsulated in -assumed alien- equations of digital ex.sanity the medicine for software leprosy greased and supple like french wax on a purulent tibia along the bits stream sounding as an underbelly cosmically rescaled which includes opaque maximisation and starry obsolescence - think how the precariousness of a tail would there sculpt some extra burden -a certain urbanised though obsolete figuration among olympian digits whilst being the thick memory of nothing junkier than the impossibility of a fair far-sighted justice performed in the leafs freshly birthed inverted conceivable only sun-bleached or as an alternative organic fact -strip of irony: the event horizon this kind of causality gaze on the existential blackmarket is looking for pardon and I understand you standing still upwards elusive facing the conjuration soundtracked by spring-reverbed rheumatism and lo-fi distortion something petrified as are dialogues now-excuse this cynicism crested with lichen and obfuscated beetles full and boiled overnight-certainly my love there is somewhere a partial.full.fillment out of straight time the drag time with round corner for lipstick sake through ellipsoid aluminium foil light - it's not alarming it's reflective- the hips which may not have the luxury of being posthumanist are still a mossy experience an action of stripping the guilt asking whether the fingers should retreat or crotch -why is it still a question ?- the therapeutic secretion in which we glare peek and see through the scalp is reductionist but purgatory for the body of amnesia we worship- if facial is the perspective in which the vicinity is swollen along honesty closer towards clairvoyance in the midst of reckoning -why don't you fit in an eyelash, my love?- both the self and the sedative couch the comfort lazily laid on the objectification soon compacted into a vandalised layer of your cortex -eligible, nah?- a few inches deeper maybe the location of a redemption after waking up beneath unembarrassed particles dis.embodied underwear you know something like this fractures the self referential simulation whether they are lunatic or simply arranged on screened for grinding until exhaustion the once-secure conditioned rope concocted for them to feel on their very throat the tension of their egregious loyalty turned into dispassionate gaze to the other typically terminal though unhatched behind the spoiled details -mites sewed with iron pitching themselves in the name of Hippocrate- wrapped as these DIY kits for surgical pre-carbonated post-capitalism being - a kind of caligulean rendering to support contemporary mattressed spleen -well, finally we are on display, babe.


the imperative of the imperative of the imperative

of a unity cancerous as noise
+++++neoplatonic enhancements++++



in the bruise of an heart

-essentially a Russian roulette-

-essentially a -

a notion of behavioural turmoil


in ferrofluids

racing as vanity

while neon implants flashes

some empiricism

-come on dude, they need not lungs just a waterpipe-


below the knee

everything tastes dialectic

and bleeds into entertainment


Genius loci

somehow dislocated expurgated pressurized

somehow vain

in the fabric of adversariality


------well, should we be more carnal now?



¿Bitch or blue grass?

{{{{{mirrors like mirrors like mirrors like just mirrors and you{{{



arborescent corporeality


embracing the whole -the kitsch and the emancipatory-

unfurling presence

a carnal loophole

through the thickness of the urban medium

as if as if as if

as if eros

as if it swarms asifit breeds asifit hurts asifit heals asifit lies

as if it has something to do with electromagnetism


and this corrosiveness

something sounding like ego-fission flesh-fusion

subverts the last mental spaces I am aware of



placenta for breakfast

-flash.back on vulvul.vulnerability; as women experience gonna hurt either your impunity or your immunobiology-



the pressure cooker junkies

impermanence influencers

profiling their niche

slick and savvy

with their hypereal tits as mobilization seeds for gasoline new age

-nipple politic at the petrol station-

encapsulating mothers into pills of fatality

and chia-fueled karma recovery planes

craving carving

perimeters of orgasms as a requiem for bureaucracy


but oh, there is a suction behind the whole


it is the alienated embryos

of a gentrified nonsense brew

somewhere between what we hug and what we chew


-well, we do have puking standards

in our decentralised cannibalism


but errr… when is tomorrow ?

2302. bird-11



i shiver shiver swoon while

oyu uoy you

go down the ceramic

sparking illicit chronokinesis

-taste of a non continuum at the blackmarket of emotions finally something made perceptible some acoustic evanescence some depressurizations in the tympanic cavity oh dear these perpetual attempts of recognition well hello brain hello autocompletion- making sense of the traffic now of this disruption through the endolymph stream and recursively making sense of making sense of and load some sisyphean blabbermouth feed for later -


cos’ now

teenage electronics

-and other filaments of fetish-

tuned along divas, tapes and cardamon

tailored to echo


harpoon my ears


















-this one stays with us in transit in the damp clothes bucket-


Suppose the sea

through its utterly borrowed colonial features -the sea which would have never been able to go to the ChampsElysées

- strikingly trivial in the hand, complicit for the eye, with the same passive-aggressiv absolutism you should inject in you emancipatory spit

Suppose the sea - and a certain amateurism in the unfurling of its rolls excluding the ground

Suppose the sea - legit and yeasty -yet not open-source- as it ripples some intentions of awareness

Suppose the sea - essentially a looking-glass essentially a hoax

Suppose the sea
and remember to add something like supersymmetry



suppose the sea
would you surface

for me?


Être guliersin rielplu 

[JLN la Garse]

je ne connais que toi

le braille de ta voix parfois à l'aube botanique bouclant sur ma peau lorsque le verso d’un jour avec toi je me souviens

une ampleur dont le dessein s’évanouit givrée de foi et 

de non-territoires roussis des froissements du devenir sinués d’audace et de volumes volés sous des éventails de chairs



la terre est bleue le ciel est rouge

sous le contre-jour d’une nuque sur une fresque de l’Histoire qui coule le long du mur avec leurs effrois -

enfin détournée des chantiers remachés de la page 74, des contractions d’un monde enceint à rebours

à l'horizon qui oblique de confession
-du cirque des Hommes il ne reste qu’un verglas-

soudain les paumes en vue à la cadence de ce qui vient au monde
un moment de nu inassouvi froissé encor de vertige

l’aube descend sa foi comme un justaucorps

-car l’incidence est nouvelle-

et il y a quelque chose qui dans la projection même en dehors de l’autre de soi ces empilements ou colonnes d'air que l’on déploie en diapason entre les jambes et les toitures celles qui laissent entrevoir quelque pans de nuit inouïes de jour, dans ces douces tranchées in.offensives de napalm où ce profil reposé déposé de biais entre les autres qui n’existent plus

lui - toi- vecteur de clarté engourdi d’abysse disposé à tutoyer le monde en échelle de transparences

tisse en surimpression des pavillons aigus de grâce et de déraillements des jours à genoux et à l’envers il n’y a pas que les sens en résonnance il y a


la manifestation de l'inaudible

la tension de l’être à

mise à nue

l’écoute de



qui à chaque touche le module

et sublime


ce qui est

ce qui n’est pas


que connais je ne toi((((


Your soul is on my floor but where are you ?


Dear passerby


snowwhites and ufologists


scorched by


unregulated oxygen

at the outskirts of togetherness


elsewhere -somewhere, right?-

the parametric wonderland


a spine of outer space


unorthodoxically mellow

at the liminality of the being towards


- as your absence



(is all I can hear today)


unsourcing the thermomix

{{{{towards a place we can soak in


padawans and padischah

feel like spraying territoriality

and epileptic eternities

through the glow-in-the-dark mucus

of heteronormativity



please fling

something that you can’t dial

somewhere you can’t stay


these agnostic bows

too aware to land

from the balkanised

to the unregulated

-cos’ they have seen the empire,

the whim of the curve,

chunks of galileo,

and the smashing dummies of legacy


-cos’ they re.search trans.grease up.lift

the new hyperventilated resort of Love


queer, antifragile and polyvalued


...and I still can’t sell my cheeks on ebay cos'.



ir.e.radiated firefly

gracious as thousands unmanned bicycles


your blood geyser


flashing pleasure


crashes their URL

((leur lustre leur buste et leur assurance vie)))

and countdown the universe

-once assumed


- is this

a way to say

“hi, die with me"

to allegro game.boys

twerking kneeling frizzling

unrelenting derivative

along the ear

and the devout eV pansexually ululating in hidden layer raves


meanwhile internet

-our curated mercenary

anxiously wiggles

the bereaved and the déjà vu


°°stair stair stair stair chain stair stair stair stair chain stair stair stair stair chin stair stair stair carbohydrate°°°


oh dorky chérie

please photosynthesize me




the singular hot blizzard

of your open-source Ma.gesty

world-building contorsionist

er(e)[u]cting tttttt

collected as semiotic anarchitecture

-an hard.core vocalisation of a monophony

currently meta.burping after.life


past the butt-powered tramways of the schismogenesis

they hailed

29 kWh

we hatched

some local heavenly hells




when I picture you among terracotta and rosemary
you're still lethal



oh babe

weaponize me

while I try feel

the radical situatedness snatched and snared of being misplaced among

the kamikaze workforce twisted by the hyperstition of these werewolves I’m oblivious to

the critical burnout of any birth material in the deprivation of what heals

the warped genomic charity on bankrupt metabolisms

the electroconvulsive awareness depatterning some subjective sediments at 800 milliamps

the typefont exorcism of the Bored at X Network

the slushy sludgy feel of deflowering the academic permafrost

the uncompromising moment before shaving

while I try to feel and regurgitate



weaponize me

'till I sound like bones

-cos’ millenials creak they dont squeal-


while the Political Poodles doodle---

(((get them this three wolf shirt at the dignity retailer


once upon a time a wireless intentional X which was a girl in a boy which is a now girl soon tomboy which got years of candies then oestrogens with no intention of molecular voyeurism or gender clandestinity only this simple wish of being herself of beholding a body that won't shortcircuit once upon a time a pulse of resistance and audacity please


and that's just a version of what is possible in the laboratory beyond seaweed growth hacking



mummified in a tupperware

—is it a prophecy of what  ?-


free fallers

mammal as fuck

currently snoaring

this rumor of humanity latency


from this angle

some colonial stalactites are itching their bold runaway spines

their cotton bones and readymade eyeballs


revisiting the scaffold
- what if gravity is data is corruptible is corrupted -

as they rush ooze

and wipe out as milennials


an arrogance

unreflective over there

something identifiable as the swollen crust of coakroach 
asphalt curd [curse[

-is it earth ?

-is it savory?


saddle me tomo.raw at 181 bpm



some of your desintegration modulations
of hostage controlled oscillators

outsource uninhibited speedcore tropisms

through entropic distortions agnostic erosions freudian resonators
and this psychic over.drive that is life-

while the dancefloor brouhaha cottons the soul radio

-broadcasting some nick cave-induced fish & chips-

the mind

tenderly tangled in the bulldozing polytheism of burnout FM

is dialing Frankenstein

and in a margin a deluge extenuates

the last intentions of orthodoxy


within you



is swimming a sign for wondering if swimming is a sign for hammering


come here

venture hysteresis

and don’t dissipate

cos' life starts at the corner

where it sprouts moistens and germs

utterly educated

and megalomaniac



what is esmasculated

imminent or peerless


but get out of this oedipal mud

cos’ world is running out of sand

and I care for you


::::behave:discard the eye::::

when you stop hearing words

clandestine is your agency

inhabiting spaces you didn't imagine to stand


shades behind the adversariality a chosen gangsterization out of what ‘is’ ’should be" or even ‘could be’ - these states indefinitely defered towards -somewhen turning somewhere
- as the very thought of graveyard may align with excavation or vibrato -the possibility of an otherness thoroughly wrapped around the unrest of the mesmerised ears
who listen


the fka wor(l)ds

and inherently non-linear process we live in


your curled an elbow


-gestures for a breakdown of the Known

was it yours?

was it a shamanistic way to outsource love ?

i saw it filled with a polyphonic plasma
hosting napalm and ecstasy


was it.

2402. bird-10

°°°the limits of cold pressed nirvana

in an era of scalability°°°



another day waking up in the prehistory


crumbling palms and pre.hentai childs within the factory


while we trade techno-digested pickles for amnesia

somehow towards Eden-irreverence


the homeless objects of the accelerationist domestic supply

soluble as the engineered non-figure of a disaffected reality

nurtures me like chloridhric acid


and yet I buy

a performative absence as a courtesy

of my self referential cells

somewhere quarantined between wellbeing and animacy


the residues of some multivalued schizoid pleasure

my mothers my fathers my caterpillars

my chronicle nucleosynthesis

reached through a transference on my knee

-no longer hypocondriac-

and yet it bend

a loyalty twerk

to season their prosperity gospel



crowdsourcing the death of the anthropocentrist mammoth


start with internet

taste the availibility

the squamous squalid fecundity

of some social mollusc

embroidered into the blaspheme of the Commons

morphing icons with dots
and {historygeopoliticsmathematicsphilosophysociology} with memes


repitch the idea of a human being into

a self-replicating vomit

from another buffering throat

-an eligible agony-

mark them as superfluous

as narcissistic units of a Crustacean relic



°°chill pill for black holes cruise°°°

(((((i know i can’t hear any trumpet

still it should be there the reason why you left))



You are a confused place

trying to squeeze some Gods

through different pulses of tears


let go

these scenographies of the paralysed

these neolithic bitch

fashionably unsanitary

mangled in the non-euclidian shapes of some statues which you have never been


let go

the reflux symphony

you had synthesized postmortem

among coffees and sentinels

from the maieutics of a silence

-possibly an overdrive possibly a detergent


let go

these things that makes other things drowning apart


while they align with the darkness -the same one of the one embodied by person who was a variation of the other of the other of a plurality prototype from which we still have not yet seen far more than little broken matter accumulated in the confine of
an universe


squishy and defamatory


holosin in holocene


i was along the bush digital bits further felt boredom and vice it was like

glazed and filfthy

flat real


there was this line telling me a way from the screen 

an hammered self-permanence

via site-specific bodyfluids

maybe a voice maybe a haircut

cloaked with matter

synth synth to my inherence

depth lying 3 laying the eerie and the squalid

and somehow confusion through the 3D template of yourself spilling bliss and dollification

meanwhile something sandy filling the air would find a rampant passage deep fake the holistic as the genital

beyond your usurped microcosm mangled in the electricity an immanence soaked with pixels outperforming unity

-a corporate version of a socially constructed guttural firework


as you were illegible

holographic native


it drifted me away from any footage blew off markers like a defaunation of the Known

there were things that the air could not carry anymore

the lithium stigmata

the weightless interface

a fraction of the cortex rubbed along the lining


i felt



when at the bottom *sigh*

the spine of nothingness

tasted like implicit-explicit milk




.democratisising supernova and other shennigans


numerical sluts

mired in content

raving through inflatable algorithms

in the integrated funghi circuit

the coitus un.interruptus

of Information


backpropagation through their veins

universal solvent

of the engineered energy

tuned along the hemoglobin


cybernetic harmonies

of the in.digestible-



dis.operating systems

wired af

-silicon chips in da immune system-

buffering perverts

drooling over completion

just this

just the whole




at 67 mph


parse babe


now your blood tastes like crystalline cohomology


:::::::swipe left

and redeem your finger:::

::::ad-vice to what you ad-mire::::



ultra-sonic on the viennese walls

soluble on a teacup

floaty on a night bike ride

permeable on the skin

healed on a cat fur

resonant on a book spine

unfeigned on a glitter skirt

opensource on the post www

indefinite on the ground

unconditional in space



crack, dip and rush

what they don’t flush

their seeding fingers

-named after the perishable-


erecting tissue

no longer oracular


somehow vain

an in.de.pendance


"supremacy in your cup"

and fiscalised grapes of anger

[frictions factions in fallacy facilities]



behind the immediacy of a dys_topy,

the ex-ercise of a DEAL

-it don’t get loyal but it's fine babe you coax it you nail it-


the approximate

loaned or consumable

coupling horny popes & chastised corns 



the lynchian

complicit or colonised

clutching fuel, goose & pre-satiety




autonomous or sibylline

our rococo attempt

to render something somehow



GENOTYPE for diner


tectonic plates

of an unpolished m.otherhood

hatching some flatness that will not roll

-midriffs for midwives-


—please rate that squish-

the conflicts of a representation


in some arterial deadends

-please make some room for radioactive decay and phlegm infinite supply-

stuffed with urgency and hemoglobin

intended for overidentification

intended as if


hoover it up


the prehensile things

the genotype fears

the monolithism of my condition


hoover it
until it slides



these hours

where Pekin smog is bigger than your wrist


these hours

13 37 73

where things vanish

in our unstirred skies

made inaudible


before the time

the time to peel their structural duvet

relentlessly semantic

the time to wear the post-dissection fashion

bloodily esoteric stitched along

some inaugural guts
-no longer political-

huddling matter hustling mothers

with rapacious extrapolation

kale and indissoluble commodity


these hours




refracting humanity

*the promise of*

as we don’t share

while they chlorinate


.these hours

.make you hesitate



the astringent craft of being

without you


a notion of versatility

through an unframed member

of our gestural society

topologically legitimated

by a Moebius-shaped scenario

called 8


°°° a dissociative elbow

and a pantsuit°°°


they whirl

towards and apart

seventy four

cobras and corduroys

crumbled and crowned

through pagan-roasted velleities

essentially ovulating

mea-culpas at 17 dB


beyond recognition 



to braid your absence

this ontological *sob*
gurgle of nothingness

protuding the flaccid layer of disengaged neoliberal molecules

unfeigned anti-creationism statement of an unsecretive pancreas and self-


through heteronormative plasticity

called day


-does a loop deny their agency?-