Algorithms (genetic, evolutionary, minimal, ethical), Art (Analog, Digital, Interactive, Generative, Audiovisual, Heuristic), Blockchain, Caffeine, Circular Economy, Complex System,  Creative Coding, Creative Commons, Dada, Data (is beautiful, visualisation, sonification), Discontinuities, Digital Hygiene, Education (open, immersive, informal), Electronic (as Nature), Equation, Flânerie, Gender flexibility, Glitch (as Information), Go, Human Potential, Imagination, Infinities (Aleph), Infographics, International Situationists,  Interdisciplinarity/borderlands (cross-pollinate), International Situationism,  Macchina, Machine learning (Deep), Makers (Toast, DIY, DIT), Mathematics (number theory, algebraic geometry, group theory), Modular (ideology, synthesizers), Narratives and storytelling, Natural capital (Carbon Hero), Natural Language Processing & Computational Linguistics, Networks, Nuit debout, Open Knowledge & Open Source Philosophy, Oulipo, Pataphysique, Participative democracy (& local initiatives, spontaneous Citizens, Civic Tech, Post-Structuralism (Deterritorialisation), Transition Towns, Free State Project), Poetry, Prime numbers, Processing, Quantum Field Theory, Research, Sound (Ableton, l'Arte dei rumori, sound design, granular synthesis, polyrythms, feedback loops), Science,  Sociology (computational), Space (psychogeography, public space reappropriation, urban acupuncture), Street preachers, Surrealism, Suspension of disbelief, Symbolism, Synesthesia, Utopia, Virtual Reality, Wabi-sabi.