{{Routine predator}}

////// record the sound of privilege, nihilist, acrobatic or fragile. Play it until it becomes transparent///////
////Imagine crime as another formof chemical humility.//
/////// See poststructuralism through the diffracting glass of cubist ego///////

/////// Kneel until you Feel faith//////   
///// Make everybody in a prison think about the word Time during 10 minutes//////////
///// Sweat until you Feel Hormonal. ////// 
/////// Imagine that Smells are degenerating. When you will talk to a person think that smells are degenerating between you and him. STop talking when it becomes poisonous. ///////  
//// Narrate the mercenaries behind the Bureaucracy with your fingers and 7 words. ////// 
///// Collect sublimation. Send it to a stranger.///// 
//////////Cry. Make your tears into an iceberg
and watch it melt./////////// 
///// Imagine coincidence As Another form of vision///// 
/////// Remember a sentence you have not heard today. Try to stretch it. Ride it and feel the space and its topology. Stretch it until it cracks./////// 
////// Feel the light falling through as solid. Feel it falling on your shadowy or Cynical parts.//////
/////// Listen to the sound of A stranger misbehaving. Filter the percussive soundS..//////
/////// Go to a public space. Sit besides somebody.
Talks to him until he sleeps../////// 
///Collect disorientation. Send it to your mother.///// .
/////// Imagine a city populated only by spherical bodies and glitching minds. Imagine the architecture../////// 
/////Take two words, like cannibal and courtesy. Make them copulate. Imagine some of their children.////// 
/////// Make your doubts into a panorama and watch it ripple until you feel Nausea./////// 

Grapefruit seeds, and divergent strategies.

Generative event score algorithm, summer 2017.

[Physical Cards expected in 2018.]

An instrument of meditation and of exploration of synesthesia liminalities, metaphor reflections, reciprocity, and possible diffractions of the language through free associations, while stretching the semantic geometries up to the limits of their flexibility. 

Inspired by Yoko Ohno (“Grapefruit”), Fluxus Event scores, and "Obliques Strategies" by Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt.

Consider exolife

Design time like space

Dare 1789
Dial a funambulist

Reinvent yourself
as a Laboratory

“Imagine you are a deer”

Crack their kingdoms into democracies
Heal the streets
 Hurt the red light

Close their Twitters
- Open their Doors
Hold up autocorrection

Borrow the avanT
garde Spring Faction

the metric system

-take a minute of cherry

Pretend it’s 1984
Exhume Exhale
Exalt Exult

Feel space in life,
Feel life in space

Feel THE reverb inside your mind

Bend space time with your own gravity

Reboot all taboos
Hold on Noosphere

Echo your morning dew into an ocean

Take care
of your angleS