Collateral Commons attempts to open a conversation about how citizens wish to see smart new technologies affecting their lives, in order to enrich the familiar narratives around AI-infused tomorrows with local, situated and inclusive practices. It encompasses direct fieldwork, online conversations, playful experiments and workshops, as means to rethink the place and impact of that Artificial Intelligence could have within our society. 

While embracing a state of heterogeneity, and complexity for our technological futures, If AI adopts the mundane, the situatedness and the unscalability of things and processes at his core, while wandering through a spectrum of collected civic materials. It also questions how these individual visions can come together to compose a plural world. In a future whose present is not yet taking place, it fuzzily redefines a common ground from local consistencies, networked interdependent agents, and adaptive imperfect processes. From there, a new civic society may awkwardly emerge, in acceptance of the inherent frictions of the individual bodies, their contradictory tendencies, and categorical instability.


On our platform, "The Matter" presents collected opinions of an ongoing fieldwork, held with the hope to enrich -and somehow contest- the familiar narratives around AI-infused tomorrows, by collecting opinions of diverse individuals on how do they see -or wish to see- smart new technologies affecting their life. Meanwhile, "The Place" acts as the speculative ground for these collateral commons by placing the personas emerging from the fieldwork on a shared evolving public space. It is somehow a token for a "plebeian public sphere."

We also develop workshops to interrogate the way we think about technological possibilities, in relation to ourselves but also to the society or community we live in. These workshops hope to expand the position AI within society to become a social property rooted in specific cultures and not a form of institutional authority. We encourage usually participant to pro-actively imagine, articulate and prototype, and 'take part in' some critical visions of futures, while activating situated knowledges and inclusive thinking. 

If AI hatched during spring 2019 at the School of Disobedience in Berlin, by Carole, Dalia, Yoonha, and Claire.