Liquid capitalism

Intangibles Disseminated Eyes

which algorithmically see, 

Oracular self-disclosure burglars,

As a negation of the individuality im-permeability,

Expression of a data alienation
and instrument for a predatory omniscience,

Carving seamless scars on the digital proletariat.

Digital & Physical Interactive environment, winter 2017.
**************IN PROGRESS*****


\/\//Embracing its logic to some local extremum, 

it emulates an environment totally pervasive,

where Capitalism would be a fully liquid adaptive entity,

radically infiltrating all possible navigable pores, 

°°° in real time, sensing the high frequency fluctuations of your emotions in your faces muscles and voice timber, 

°°° and in the long now, modelling your statistical self from the collected data -body,

>>///><// to meticulously adapt its response
[Propaganda, Price* and Attribution**],
and care-full//less//ly re-direct the possible trajectories


*maximising Price [[Instrumental Value]] by the expected Willingness To Pay from wealthness and desire-in-context indicators,

**through Life-Love-Futur Expectancies and the Value of Life.



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