at 10 Hz from the real

A Generative Insult Bot in duet with a Mondrian Genetic Algorithm, autumn 2016.

The background displays different generations of a {square} painting population. The fitness in this genetic evolution was defined as a distance with some Mondrian paintings. 
The running text is a generative insulting (captain Haddock like) bot.
Visuals coded with p5.js and Processing.
Sound created with Live, Ableton and Reaktor.


#Genetic Vulnerability #Tourette syndrome
#Glitch in the Nature #Genetic Mutation

" [...] for me this was the future for computers. Computers seen not as ways of crunching huge quantities of data or storing enormous ready-made forests of material, but computers are the way of growing little seeds."
Brian Eno


"Ru-h-ru-h-ru-h-h-h-h. Poeoeoe. Tik-tik-tik-tik. Pre. R-r-r-r-r-uh-h. Huh! Pang. Su-su-su-ur. Boe-a-ah. R-r-r-r. Foeh...."Piet Mondrian, De groote boulevards