An evidence for
the Conceptual Potential
of Everything Everyday Everywhere

Presumed Artsy
Judged Fartsy

breakS in the Museum

Please curate my knee,
Frame my toothbrush, my molar and myself scrubbing.

Relocate  .  Extrapolate  .   Curate  .  Sublimate.


A Bot* which repurposes anything** (X) that one feeds it (input X delivered as an image) into an artwork, providing possible curating texts for X.
It instigates the conceptual potential of a hijacked mundane, and the possible reappropriation and sublimation of everything everywhere, while warning against the drifts of artificial semantic extrapolation.


**X can originally be an object, a landscape, a human being, a pose, a situation, etc.

Using Processing, Node.js, Google Vision Cloud API, TwinWord API.