spåceship eårth ___



spåceship eårth___ is a collective performance commissioned and premiered at Performensk Festival on Sep. 17th, 2019 at Minsk, Belarus, by the îxses collective, in which I took cheerily part by mostly writing text fragments.

"spåceship eårth ___ (2019) attempts to create a speculative fictional situation where the participants are given the last three-hour-earthling-time. with its doubts in the conventional humanism situated in its pre-made apocalypse, the performance concerns the question of “what does the earth’s end have to do with the ‘end of the world’” in relationship with the current anthropocene. spaceship earth will be based on a textual-sound collage with dreamlike embodiments of actions and objects created by the îxses collective. "

.led by oxi peng http://www.yioupennypeng.com/#/spceship-earth/