"une répétition sans origine,
un évènement sans cause,
une mémoire sans personne,
une parole sans amarres", 
sorte de "balafre légère
attribuée au temps"
où "le sens n’y est qu’un flash, 
une griffure de lumière “,
qui n'éclaire ni ne révèle rien.
Barthes, L'empire des signes.


Rumors of a semantic distortion.

Generative Haiku algorithm, Twitter Bot.
Done in Processing, with Node.js and Twitter API.

Examples below.

Everything fossilizes
The smog swallows the pines
- How could you heal ?



The constellation run away
Disturbed by escapism
Oblitering desolation


It sounds like a diaspora hub
Besides ghetto harmonies
As if it was manmade


Feigning the property
You rewild the redundancy
As eternity through amnesia


Drooling the subject

Encrypted in yesterday shame
Noisy as chastity



Marvelling at the sunshine
She fervently degenerates
Through zenithal drug



Raw contemplation
In the dazzled moonlight
And I rudely limber



Everything you enhance

-these joyrides these phobias-
Squeal as a coarse fallacy




Transference dissection
The mechanic out of the hangman
Is tangled up in jealousy


Lobster inclination
Everything she faces
Look indigestible



Manufacturing the steward
Somewhere beyond epiphany
Where he perpetually radiates


From the feline fluency
To the diplomatic platonism
Via junk forecast



The exotic and the drowned
Diffusing their gestures
To their volatile flesh

While she furiously moan
The untidy eternity
Accidentally faint


Out of criminal bay
The determinist karma
Seems obsolete

He learned to mourn
Streaming mercenaries
And speculative perversity


DISPLAYED at the top: Generative algorithm with berry-picked sets of grammatical structures and words.
Neither an infinite monkey work nor the Babel library but still more than one trillion (10^12) possibilities.

“You who read me, are you sure of understanding my language?"
Jorges Luis Borges, The Library of Babel