The SounD of speech as it echoes in the cloud
by​ Tropozone Collective

Witnessing growing precarity and stressed ecosystems, it seems urgent to imagine new ways of co-inhabiting the damaged ecosystem of our Earth. As most of our existing models have failed to ensure fertile tomorrows, we  advocate for divesting ourselves of our all-too-human systems,and develop new modes of exchange with the more- than-human worlds


The Sound of Speech As It Echoes in the Cloud aims to reroute our attention to the overlooked, the unfamiliar, and the forgotten in our relational realities.

We propose to investigate how voice technologies and AI could embody ways to connect us with our environment and cultivate a practice of listening, caring and imagination.

SOSAIEITC confronts us with the otherness of non-human agencies through custom voice technologies. By redesigning algorithms and conversational AI, it explores novel interaction paradigms, which emulate or speculate on non- human semantic spaces and qualities. The project takes the form of a network of AI-powered voice objects distributed across different parts of Europe. Through a set of different experiences, narratives, and installations, these voices would invite the audience to enter this assemblage i.e. listen, converse and co- evolve with it. Each of these installations aspires to delineate a path towards a “becoming with” the world.


A first prototype of SOSAIEITC 001 has been exhibited at the Dutch Design Week 2021.  We are working on further developments of the Voices, and the Assemblage.


sos 2.jpeg

Tropozone is a transdisciplinary collective, founded by Claire Glanois, Yuxi Liu and Guillaume Slizewicz, that speculates about more-than-human encounters and experiments with conversational AI in an effort to cultivate ecological care. 

You are welcome to reach us at for any comment, contact, or collaboration proposal or participation in this project.