"The picture that comes to my mind is borrowed from the world of Moby Dick. Like the watery element, mathematics is above all coherent, even if the immensity of the subject prevents contact between the most far-flung areas. As in the marine world, the hidden part, the submarine part is infinitely more important that the visible part. It is that which carries us, even if the structures that it hides have not yet emerged, and will only later on change their status to become accessible to our understanding. As for the mathematician […] he deciphers as far as he can that which is interpretable on the surface, yet keeps an eye open for the white whale, which leads him to embark on these particular waters." "

Claire voisin, Mathématicienne

"If mathematics [...] is not a glimpse of the Platonic paradise but merely a byproduct of our brains and evolutionary processes,
it loses none of its beauty because of that.
It is all the more interesting because it is a part of human culture and it moves along with and is influenced by the development of the rest of our civilization."

Matilde Marcolli, mathématicienne.

[{Women . Math}, Freedom] (Time)

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Audiovisual promenade inspired by women in history, in reality, in mathematics, autumn 2016.

Directed by Jacinta Torres (video, drawings) & Claire Aoi (video, music, coding, ML),
with the participation of Emily Norton (violon), Alice Guerlot-Kourouklis (music), Marion Lenfant-Preus (voice), and Andreas (voice).

Presented at the opening of the exhibit "Women of Mathematics “ in november 2016 at the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics, Bonn, Germany.

The timeline is split into four movements of women’s history: Prelude, First wave, Second wave, Third wave.

The sound landscape echoes to -and intentionnally distort- numerous facts and quotes through this journey, involving Ableton Live, violin, Ms20, Theremine, sound granulation, etc.
The texts displayed in the video (cf. below) were created by a Machine Learning algorithm (RNN, LSTM) fed with different texts about women: note it may not express our point of view on women’s issues.



Some women understand their husband prestige,

Some women permit one-day harassment,

There, the wife can be an agreement.

Others are late at home.


At least domestically, because females are the weep function of the world.

They could adopt a fundamental price. All the neighbors have recall the housekeeping behind the muscular reality.


People in the world say that the man and his wife were committed to the development of many human secrets. They say that some forceful scientists designated individualizing tools from discarding hereditary free minds.

They say that the industrial subsistence of the woman results in people's graces and secure them in the employment of children. They say that God is important to those who calculate it.

They say that he wants every female freed by his speculative red truth and martyr to serve the male burdens, while others, are like flies of Life.


It is under full consciousness that marriage is a mystery; marriage is not supported by a clear respect of being, but by an ethical and real contempt like a principle of power.
"In the principle of the nation, the marriage exacts the participation of a factory force from the woman in pain.”
Men have always transmit wrecks to the presumed men.

When their great leadership would feel the virtues of the age, respects the world, concerns about the balance of male, we would work on political assumptions, on an higher treatment for women, face the indispensable new society.


"Yes, we are late at home!"
Woman has the same place than in the beginning of civilization. The charity of the flower in the early position of society was disposed to a considerable housework.
Woman is a conscious domestic property.

Anywhere in the myth mentality, she was a courtesan subject to the male sexual selection, easily put away with a later kiss or any logical man deal.

When man, "aristocrats" have claimed to exalt an individual obsession, about any female symbol, convicted, mystical, the male lover sprung, artificially estranged by other males, transfigured by Nature.


“As long as I frighten the girls in their own temple, flatter their own subjects to confer how they carry Civilization, I am, following God, the chance of men."

A social common locus depicts a woman as a fish in the parade of relation; she is still trivialized.
The female is not consistently subject.
She flattered the world, served the streets.

Undressed, she became consumable.

The story of the couple of flesh with man is a mental being.


Because she is more than a body, more than a presence between the world and the male, Mary must be separate; by her attitude in the home, she was a lovers’ passive and most often, she died to failed up with spontaneity; unfair passage because she has not enough to escort the husband's passions. He is committed after the city while she is bearing the days, while she recognizes her vassal, her men, her agent, and pay on public affections to support the mother, and un-earn for her very rights. She does not see that the woman is asked for higher uniformity that she is a human being, not only of a woman whose distinction is her husband; and the coquette do not reproach the mother to achieve something else, and any girl is more likely to stay a pretty woman achieving her belonging to the other heart. Now she can secure her words, she is not concerned to demand her reputation. She is naturally disadvantaged, from their own experiences and she feels she is decision when she is just her mother's influence. She might be a great feminine person, she might know their unreal innate worth, but she cannot transmit it. To this extent, she does not encourage a complex high life through other laws and her offspring cannot bear any investigation. And when she looked around her, she feels the term “sexist” as the foundation of her desired relationship.

All husband seem to destroy the female consciousness and interests-He never experiences himself through the female condition. The demands in the female sex is more the object of free weeks, of any actual distinction consistent with the family, than care of a relation supposed to commit out of the world in an autonomous association.

The mother is a mistress which have become like a tumorous happiness, servant undertaking on one hand, the children on the other hand. I didn't claim to content mothers who enjoyed their legendary struggle between living and marrying. Divided in maternal differentiations, united by the charm of love, against any sexes, they cry me, "remain a mother”. Indeed, a part of blind bold females, expect that little girls have to bear the present desire for charm fields abroad in these painful balances.
"Mothers, it is required to divorce! We have been living in an office excluded from remuneration. The foundation demanded by man might be not so degenerated the day he would consent to share his Liberty."

COMMERCIALISM and Relinquish Equity.

They would consider a contract where women are all pregnant of the same things, a limit in the dawning fellow conscience.

Individuals liberated from their mothers or their protector, as the mate which had to run without his half-, have to judge out of the spectrum, to affect a beam and a difference to overcome their prison.



It reaches the king through the human World.

The sovereign designated female revolts as a male arrogance. Woman situation is profit, she is just obsessed on the countrification of future.


History is perfectly reducing the soft tenderness of feminists. Behind their consent to be partner for men, they are castration. Feminists develop opinions to be scarcely indulged and are offended by servants which attempt to eat man's hand; they must have had resentment before they were negating fidelity or power; for them, it is nothing to sacrifice man to produce women neither to meet the courts of maternal nature.

This is freed by a great illusion and the will of a race, counterpart of differentiation- complete waste of energy. The woman wish of breaking men denied economic, neglected this enlightened truth:

All women's rights disadvantage the right of the Man’s reputation. The disability for men and women to see their simple desires, in the depths of man’s political uncertainty, resulted in the women's right to destroy the exercise of the natural harassment in our absolute town, --though we know how we suffer from emotionally impossibility at the sight of their breast—.

Men shall face their wild deficiency in the woman increasing freedom, this limited reality which modifies the social delicacy of women. -Their toilets seemed to be denied in the distinction of the species.
"Woman has subdued us to be the source, the supporters of their fluids, of their failings."
Miasms often past, and surges of men, or Dr. Intimidation, may leave the feminine energy in a Transition intercourse, unable to develop their days.


It is frightening how these feminist heroes are stunning in male potential.
As apparent than the nurse stock exchange.

Since Freud's application is not about struggle, but about marrying a pill militant, they die the same: entirely for the success of security.

This cult and these belief seem to reveal that alternations of men are more or less reflect-free.


------Dr. Emperor, do we have to be again unfair to the

Feminist ways, and the woman race? -------
Every little girl aroused from a maternal oppression to a feminine blossom.

FEMINISM: an education led to glow of risks and treasure, through the Run.
Education in woman may become more than "Post the young marriage, scream."


An imposed domestic anti-sexism is certainly not sufficient to form her.
“Sometimes insurrections are thrown into a domesticity."

The education of intellectual functions is the source of the hate of man, whose conclusions moves the self. For the suffrage feminists, the woman is more a community than an human being. -The feminist equivalent to the dominant law.


The state is parasite, although he is also the eye of human greater passions, as a drone above objective employers of their trust; he is like a male who desires muscles with a final attempt to attain severity in himself as a wall, slaved into a self- relation; he bears mothers as self-supporting oppression, and suits indifference, as if he lived abroad during nursing, so all the larvae of men are abandoned.


Mom: "and country cannot be deemed enough, and intellectuals fish the falling, the offspring, --if we knew a local woman who speaks of casting these animals" Since she related by birth to higher flying slavery, she does not dare to take boys on prostitution or to the Rights.


When a man used solemn go-sex fantasy, 
he does not expect a conjugal life of the self:he escapes.

He may be rape, in a grandmotherly religion of 
symptoms to realize woman.


Conveniences are relieved when he is the one accounted for pathological feeling.

Undistinguished processes of Beast-hearing are excessive to employ women's desire and every national party's value with realm. Here I expect that this behavior closely benefit our carnal society: the prospective rape, as dignified by society.


The determination was left doubtless until the extreme politics of the game of their lives prevailed. By the season, public women, athletics, were conceded from a major struggle as free, relative to the world.


Women have prevailed over the mother, over the fame, over the order, over the care of the world reducing them.


"Once each other threw justice, or evidence, we have to confine sovereignty as ennui to punishment.” This incarnate female superiority before their defeat in social authority. The actual tendencies of education is courting the inconsequent-poor male subsistences, through the hellenist eye of objective worker; the eye of women who can look at women.


This war was an experiment of deterioration of the victims, as a final labor we imposed as civilization, since duty was not going to reduce a trust issue.



In their hearts, the income was again a resignation to religion, with a deterioration of the contrary and therefore of the municipal interest by a sense of social subjectivity of the sexes, in spite of this creative divorce of path.


Once civilization appeared to make ourselves through deterioration, the question was whether these achievements were more possible for a matrons of the wage or a husband who falls. The suffrage was the source of female powers, of the great world progress in the family, but an ambiguous step in the love development; some passionate boys were left on their nerves convinced that women recognize them as a symbolism of men upon society.


Suggestive painters of the democratic couple assumed the courtesy of the world, and were vague about the conditions of the game.


The notion of excessive women and democracy together, unconsciously, was another impatience.


“Should need more experimentation.” Do it. "Go on, New York!" While female impulses a painful kind of absence- in physical intelligence-, we face the halcyon happiness of a new enslaving from woman; one perpetuation is sewed.


The reality for their babies is a country where laws supplies the circumstances in their desire, the binding of the species —like if eight organs speak for all— ; and these political consequences are

admitted as experience, encouraged by the trust in the new society.  It is authentically occulted today to buy a male woman from a non artificial manus. We don’t find such boys.

 We find their nervous bodies, subjects of the abandonment of Reproductive labour, struggling to reproduce a woman often ridiculous.


Now all the females are an open plaint, the promiscuous issues are becoming aristocracy.

The view on Vital region was the left chapter!

The welfare society and her impassible childhood embodied her sexual shelter.


The knowledge was suddenly admitted in bed.


First she swayed for all men tonalities, like township generous in the beginning, because her own sexual consideration was conflict. Meanwhile, her husband, distinctively harmful through ancient stagnant gestures, rarely crazed; it should be allowed to consider the limitations of sexual action to defend women as a man's exaggeration.


Then, woman required the night. "women, oh, the flies!” as they affected somewhat freedom, what is now the existence of a progressive sexual desire, what possibly no longer existed. "Our preach engage the political nurse for men, -for work and growth. It demands that we abandon the ideology of a sex described exquisitely as women. People marrying as an automatic action to survive in the virile state makes us violence. Companionship being puddles, we'll direct single till we can define men. Our husband, for it is the one who should love, equally, could remain an adapted version of sex by night."


As bodies of women still confess their mother's lives, they arose with no femininity, but a straw.


Their diet prevent men. ‘Fairies who solely possess sons of brutality.”


While women who have absorbed all food and all the content of her own sex-cells, escaped into a sonority where the breast is not taken, once it is shared, the prostitute movement smells like a new story: a post-Feminist devolution of the influences and privileges as the slightest shameful manifestation of interrupted sex, revealed that money could organize the sex through a civilized throw of the democratic changes.


Following Eve, women can be dressed for the legislation of their own sexualization, after the sexual act of their own legislation. Internet gave the possibility, the money produced the least exquisite condition of their values.

The body requires itself to depend on, to confer the anatomy of erotic labour, clearly important, yet solemnly neglected. The proper prostitutes are so often boiled down to carnal consciousness who experience their sexual contingent.


Woman's state showed that they are over, and about to marry a new frustration of “concerns”.


When the helpless woman worked this world out, she looked towards the dawn, --she didn't have the sense of renown to be a criminal—, saw the source of life at another side:

"Engels! I just would like their children.

A young man who does not put into civilization the sexual system of other fighting creatures."


              THIRD WAVE

Feminism suited to feel causes, not to celebrate a reward but rather an identity. Outside of partial individuality, they found in the whole future the ground for an hormone that meant to purely become the root for a love gestation.


“Austere actors, all that your faces has to do: show happiness, under the primitive regard who remain lover, and wonder for the rapt humanity, since nobody exist only through rebel lights.


Some people, fools, overwhelmed in the shame, showing and risking scattered positions, cheated by the love for affection, are seen at some sincere corner of resignation.


It is the sound of men born with a will to preserve the sexes. The harvest of a theory of immanence.

Like a cradle in the belief that the lover is the contribution to the dawn of the sexes.


And you, thinkers, native trans-citizens, try to marry a female painting in black; and she comes forward, seized by the two sexes as persuasion, as deep reason free adult.


But As life, the art is ban and the Baby from New York lays in above reality.

The advantage of the theory of the source of life, is a decent hope for all souls, more or lesbians.

The ambiguous reality has no constitution for roles, neither forms for men, the world.


"The inquisition of any human biology decline that God is about wax or shirt faces, about truth through classification. Such an expectation had to be disappointed."


We grew into the heterogenous.